How to install BDSX server software on Windows 10 and above

The following tutorial will show you how to install and setup the following:

BDSX and its dependencies

BDSX itself

Part I. Installing BDSX dependencies

First of all check if you have Windows 10 or above installed on your system (don’t forget to update!)

Then you have to install the following tools from the websites below

NodeJS (required) – (Newest for Windows x64)

Git (strongly recommended) – (64-bit Git for Windows Setup.)

After installing the required programs open git bash in a folder you want to download bdsx to, and paste the following command:

git clone language: PHP (php)

Part II. Setting up BDSX

After the project is downloaded to your desired directory, you have to run bdsx.bat to finish the installation process and to accept the Licensing rules (press y and then Enter)

and boom, you have BDSX installed, now if you want to change, you can find them in the bedrock_server directory

and if you want to remove/disable example plugins or scripts, just yeet the contents inside example_and_test and plugin-example directories

To start the server run -> bdsx.bat

To update the server run -> update.bat

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