This is a plugin to connect Discord and BDSX.
Please git clone and put the whole folder into the plugins folder directly under the bdsx root folder.
bdsx/plugins/Discord-BDSX/files (e.g. index.js, etc.)
so that

Edit config.json and write the bot token, the channel ID to send/receive, and the language to use (probably “en”).


OP Commands in Minecraft:

/dbchat is the main command.

Argument Description
Reloads the configuration in config.json.

Execution of a command on a specified channel of Discord:
  • .eval
    The aforementioned, those who have an OP role ID can, by default, in Discord, execute commands by sending
    You can execute the command by sending “.eval execute command”.

Please specify the role carefully, as “.eval stop” etc. can also be executed without throwing an error, and is a very dangerous privilege.

  • .userinfo
    If you have an OP role ID, as mentioned above, you can retrieve information (XUID and device type) about players who have logged in in the past by sending “.userinfo username” by default in Discord.
    In addition, for privacy reasons, for IP addresses, we will use . /database/userinfo.json directly.
  • .list
    Even unauthorized persons can, by default, obtain a list of persons currently logged in to the server by executing “.list”.
  • .ping
    Verify if the server is online.
  • .info
    Displays the version of the plug-in and the name of the developer.
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