BDSX and BDS Fixed on Wine!!!

The BDSX and Bedrock Dedicated servers were known to start getting their worlds corrupted when the world size is over 1Gb, but i have discovered a fix, thus making BDSX usable on Linux with full capabilities!

When you try running BDSX on Wine, what eventually ends up happening is that when your world starts approaching 1Gb size and soon after you get slapped with this screen:

So… Now your server and world is completely unusable and broken.

And after trying to figure out what the hell was causing this problem i eventually stumbled on the fact that even newer Ubuntu or other Linux distros provide Wine in the version 7, 6 and so on. So what i did instead, is i tried installing the newest development version of Wine (that beying 9.6) and seeying if that would fix the issue.

So after installing Wine 9.6 and starting the server it seemed that everything was fine in normal conditions, so what i decided to do was download a massive world, that was 5.6Gb in size, and if that worked and generated/loaded chunks, that would basically let us know that it now works on Wine.

Lo and behold!

BDSX running on Wine 9.6 perfectly, loading, and generating chunks without any hiccup

And before you ask, does the same world work on Wine 6, the awnser is hell no, because it is shown in the first image of the post.

And the performance, at least for a first gen surface pro with a 3rd gen intel, ehhh, let’s say even with hooking it’s fine

Now that we know how the issue is replicated and solved, how can you yourself run BDSX or BDS on Linux without having a bomb in your directory?

it’s shrimple actually, just install the newest development branch (or stable if above 9.0) from the links provided below


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